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7 Zero Waste Clothing Brands You Should Know

September 7, 2021
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Sustainable fashion is more than just speaking about fashion styles or clothing brands. It is a way to utilize clothing materials in that way so the produced waste will be less than possible.

We believe sustainable fashion is a great idea to make the environment eco-friendly & everyone should support them. People should buy these kinds of clothes that help to take the environment towards sustainability.

Presently, most people don’t know about zero-waste clothing brands or how big the sustainable market has become in the world. That’s why below, we make a list of 7 zero-waste clothing brands from all over the world that are providing a zero-waste lifestyle.

7 Zero Waste Clothing Brands

1. Tonle

Firstly, the brand Tonle majorly focuses on offcuts and deadstock materials to create their styles. 

They come up in the market with some great solutions to recycle the waste, coming from factories. Whereas the good part of this brand is their production is completely zero waste, & the snipped threads are recycled into paper too. 

Tonlé has a huge collection of sustainable clothes where they provide excellent quality products. The main objective of the brand is to provide comfortable & quality products to its customers. 

Lastly, on its official website, it described in more detail, its brand, team, process, etc. 

Price Range – $50 – $200

Official Site:

2. Christy Dawn

Secondly, Christy Dawn is an American brand launched by Christy Dawn & her husband for those women who are always looking forward to ethical fashion. 

Undoubtedly, this is another great sustainable fashion brand that offers different kinds of quality products. All products are made of organic & recycled fabrics. And use the least percentage of chemicals. 

They do not only provide beautiful clothes, but also a lot of kinds of stuff that could be seen in their platforms such as dresses, jumpsuits, tops, blouses, swimwear, loungewear, sustainable face masks, or even footwear. 

Price Range – $200 – $50,000

Official Site:


RE/DONE is an American recycled clothing brand established in 2014 by two people Sean Barron & Jamie Mazur. Their main purpose is to transform old clothes into newly designed fashionable clothes. 

At present they are available in more than 50+ countries & successfully working with 500 top retailers worldwide. Some of them are Boon the shop, Matches, Le Bon Marche, Net-A-Porter, etc.

Price Range – $53 – $241

Official Site:

4. No Nasties

No Nasty is a brand from Goa, India. Which uses organic or carbon-neutral materials to build its sustainable collection. And also it offers a wide range of vegan apparel made from pure organic cotton in a fair trade factory.

Furthermore, their clothing products are simple, high in quality & made in India. ‘No Nasties’ means all the cotton they use is organic & sustainably certified.

Price Range – $26 – $80

Official Site:

5. Zero Waste Daniel

Daniel is the guy behind this excellent brand, Zero Waste Daniel.

It is a New York-based company. Who believes that a good design does not create waste. He uses pre-consumer clothing waste from the garment industry to make new clothes. 

He mentioned on his site that his brand went viral in the year 2017 & gets a reach of more than 35 million. 

Price Range – $25 – $ 175

Official Site:

6. Ambiya

For attractive clothing, Ambiya is the place. Made by following traditional techniques, they have a huge collection of tons of Kurtis, suits & many more Indian traditional items.

In other words, most importantly all items are from organic fabric and hand-printed designs. 

Secondly, Ambiya is a well-known brand for targeted utmost love for natural, sustainable, and high-quality products. The founder of Ambiya believes in reducing the carbon footprint, being biodegradable, and providing refined environmentally friendly products.

Price Range – $20 – $93

Official Site:

7. Maati

Lastly, Maati is an Indian brand located in the state of Rajasthan. According to Hindi, the language maati means soil. The founder Neha Kabra used this name to describe the sustainability of the brand that can easily grab the attention of the Indian audience.

It creates unique clothing designs with the use of traditional Indian printing techniques. The colors used in the manufacturing process are also created from natural things like flowers. Colour Blue is from indigo, Red color by Sindoor flower, & yellow is from the use of Turmeric. 

Price Range – $20 – $73

Official Site:


At last, we often invest too much money in how we look, dress up, or present ourselves. For most of us, brands also seem to matter a lot. Shouldn’t we all take tiny steps and start purchasing from more sustainable brands? Rather than ones that produce a lot of toxic waste that is harmful to both us and our planet.

Hence, these sustainable brands are also pretty affordable and come with great comfort. They also tend to last longer and give you a funky fun look.

However, let us know in the comments section which of these clothing brands you are familiar with. And if you have some suggestions feel free to drop them down as well.

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