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6 Spiritual Tattoo Designs You Must Try

May 2, 2023
6 Spiritual Tattoo Designs You Must Try

Tattoos have been a part of our culture for a long period. Now, every person gets a tattoo. Each tattoo a person gets holds a deeply personal value in his/her life. When we see that in today’s generation, both men and women tend toward spirituality. People have now started to follow the path to spirituality by doing yoga, and meditation. Spiritual Tattoo is one of them.

Spirituality is all about connecting with yourself, and with the entire world. The world of spirituality is vast, it is accepting of many alternative views and ideas. Spirituality also has several sacred symbols that can in energy, for healing, or as a tattoo. These spiritual tattoos are not only the idea of a tattoo, but they also represent an individual’s journey or stories of spiritual leaders.

Most people get spiritual tattoos as they want to search for enlightenment. But also, they represent strength, or the symbols to connect with the god or universe.

If you are also very spiritual and looking for a tattoo design, then you’ve come to the right article. In this article, I’m going to suggest 6 spiritual tattoo designs which you must try as follows,

Om Spiritual Tattoo Designs:

Firstly, Om is the first vibrational sound that was heard in the universe. It is also the sound of the beginning and the end, the sound connection that runs between all humanity. Om is a powerful Sanskrit word that also looks very good when inked on the body. People who do yoga regularly know that every yogi chants Om before the start of the class and also at the end of the class. Om is also considered a symbol of completion and connection with the universe. You may opt to have a basic Om tattoo or pair it with other designs if you wish. The best placement for this tattoo could be on your wrist (for a small-sized tattoo) and on your chest (for a large-sized tattoo).

Buddha Tattoo Design:

Buddha, also known as the Gautam Buddha, sat under the bodhi tree for 6 years until one day he found an end to his quest for enlightenment. The Buddha tattoo design is the ultimate symbol of inner peace. There are a lot of people who follow Buddhism. And they do not pray to any particular god, but they believe that there is some supernatural figure which will help them in finding enlightenment. The Buddha tattoo represents the search for enlightenment and the quest to end all suffering. The Buddha tattoo looks very spectacular in large size. The best place to get this tattoo could be your Biceps or back.

Chakra Tattoo Design:

Chakras are said to be the invisible centers that carry human energy. There are seven chakras which are located in a straight line with one along the spine. The base of this chakra is known as the root chakra, which comes near the tailbone. From there, it goes vertically upward in that direction. The names of the remaining chakras are; the Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and at the top, the Crown Chakra. This tattoo design is for those who are looking to connect their minds, bodies, and souls. Each of the chakras has different meanings and color shades. If you are planning to get this tattoo, then you should understand individually what each of those chakras means. The best placement for this design could be on your forearm, back, and shoulder.

Hamsa Tattoo Design:

The Hamsa hand tattoo design is one of the most spiritual tattoos you can find. The Hamsa tattoo design comprises a hand-shaped charm featuring a potent eye in the center of its palm. This tattoo design is famous among a lot of religions and it has some different meanings in every religion, in Islam, they believe it’s the sign of Fatima’s Hand. In Christianity, they consider it a symbol of feminity, kindness, and warmth. In Judaism, they believe that god is among us and always present everywhere in the world, but they also symbolize it with the 5 books of the Torah. There are a lot of interpretations of this design from a varied number of people, which makes it a popular choice among people who want a spiritual tattoo. The placement of this design could look best on your forearm, below the back of your neck and thigh.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Design:

If you like flower tattoo designs, then the lotus tattoo design might be for you because the lotus is also one of the spiritual flowers and a famous flower. The lotus, known as the throne of meditation, purifies the air around it by eliminating impurities. This tattoo design also symbolizes life, perfection, spiritual growth, fertility, happiness, etc. But the meaning of lotus changes with its color, like a blue lotus representing wisdom and knowledge, a pure white lotus representing spiritual perfection, etc. You can place this tattoo design on your neck, wrist, and chest.

Mandala Tattoo Design:

The Mandala tattoo design is a very visually appealing design, and very tricky to make this design consists of sacred geometry shapes, dream catchers, and other spiritual elements. This tattoo design holds great value in both Buddhist and Hindu cultures and they consider it as a powerful and popular symbol for the entire universe. With this design, you can choose a lot of geometric shapes and other symbols to make it a unique design. These tattoo designs promote peace, harmony, and balance and it is very calming to just look at the tattoo. The placement of this tattoo could be on your back, chest, and abdomen. This design looks better in a larger size.

Final words,

So, these are the 6 spiritual tattoo designs that one can try if he/she is looking for a spiritual tattoo designs idea. There are a lot of tattoo studios in Jaipur, Mumbai, and Delhi from where you can get this spiritual tattoo design. But keep one thing in mind, the experience of the artist matters the most. If you get a tattoo done by a skilled artist, the tattoo will look much better.


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