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5 Vegan Fashion Brands You Need To Know About

September 16, 2022
Vegan Fashion Brands

It wasn’t that long ago that we stocked vegan wardrobes with plastic-heavy substitutes for leather and wool; finding a material as durable and supple as leather is challenging. For a while, PVC was the best choice among a fairly terrible group. 

The growing desire for eco-friendly substitutes for animal goods has sparked many exciting innovations in the apparel business, so, fortunately, vegan buyers no longer have to pick between quality, sustainability, comfort, and animal rights. Brands are employing anything from mango, corn, and cactus to make vegan-inspired bioplastics that are low-carbon substitutes for leather. 

Some vegans might be content to wear recycled leather and wool to keep things out of landfills and prevent supporting the development of new animal-derived materials as sustainable brands increasingly seek completeness. Recycled materials are compatible with sustainable clothing brands and can significantly lower our wardrobe’s water and carbon footprint. Reformation, Recycled cashmere often has an 80% lower environmental effect per kilogram than virgin cashmere. 

There are now vegan solutions for everyone, whether you choose to dress in recycled plastic bottles or recycled cashmere. 

1. CISE 

CISE is a brand that stands for luxury, sustainability, and craftsmanship. We use leather from the furniture industry, and we use it to create bags that are beautiful, functional, and durable. It is a brand that cares about the environment; we know you do too. Their bags are from vegan leather, recycled materials, and organic cotton. It’s also natural and sustainable. 

CISE is a company that handcrafts bags from new leather. The bags are made by skilled artisans, who use their skills and knowledge to create beautiful and functional pieces of clothing that can be used for many years; plus, all materials were tested for quality assurance before being deemed suitable for creating these products.

2. Cariloha

Without a doubt, the world’s top bamboo apparel line is Cariloha. Since 2007, they have led the bamboo clothing market by promoting the greenest, most ecologically friendly bamboo clothes. 

Without a doubt, the world’s top bamboo apparel line is Cariloha. Since 2007, they have led the bamboo clothing market by promoting the greenest, most ecologically friendly bamboo clothes. 

Bamboo is one of the world’s greenest and most environmentally sustainable building materials. It has become a cornerstone for environmentally friendly goods, especially apparel for men, women, and kids. Several wonderful bamboo garment companies are operating worldwide, and they are all working to benefit the world by promoting the usage of various environmentally friendly goods. Because of how quickly the plant grows and the ability to generate durable, odor-resistant, cozy, and moisture-wicking fibers from this plant to make shirts, undergarments, dresses, pants, and many other items.

Cariloha currently operates more than 50 physical stores across 16 nations, and they don’t appear to be stopping there. Cariloha, in my opinion, offers the greatest variety of high-quality products available.

3. Melie Bianco 

We believe in quality, craftsmanship, and affordable luxury at Melie Bianco and in doing our part to make a difference. Melie Bianco premium vegan leather handbags are lovingly crafted in a cruelty-free, animal-friendly environment while adhering to fair trade principles. We make small batches of products every season to reduce textile and material waste.

The truth is that leather is now the meat industry’s most important by-product. To stay animal-friendly, they use a material called PU (Polyurethane). Natural materials and has the look and feel of genuine leather without the harmful side effects of cheap plastics like PVC. 

A handbag is more than just an accessory to us. A handbag is a form of self-expression, a mood booster, a love affair, and a strong statement 

4. Rothy’s Shoes 

The Flat, The Point, The Loafer, The Chelsea, The Mary Jane, The Sneaker, The Lace Up, and other shoe silhouettes are available from Rothy’s. Rothy’s knits its items with thread made from recycled plastic bottles and post-consumer recycled materials. Rothy’s 3D knits shoes and handbags to shape, which reduces waste. 

They are then hand-sewn into the soles, using recycled foam and recycled rubber. Rothy’s collection, according to Business of Fashion, caters to women looking for an alternative to sneakers or ballet shoes. 

5. Matt And Nat’s Facts 

The lining of each bag is made from recycled plastic bottles. Matt and Nat recycle four million bottles for their bags each year. The Matt & Nat collection is expanding! Vegan candles, jackets, and reusable water bottles will be available soon. 

Matt and Nat have declined offers to create private labels for other retailers. So, if you see a bag that appears to be Matt & Nat but has a different logo, it’s a knock-off. Kohli claims that his primary focus is on the hin brand. 

Stains aren’t a big deal because the “leather” material is vegan and non-cellular. If you get a spot, a spritz of Windex will take care of it.

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