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5 Tips For Getting the Exact Hair Color You Want

May 12, 2022
Hair color

Even after visiting the best hair salon, we’ve all had awful hair experiences. But, when it comes to getting your hair color, there is no scope for mistakes.

One of the most appealing features of hair color is customizing your color to almost any shade.

Irrespective of whether your ideal new color is mild, subtle, or wacky, it’s preferable to think about a few things before making a color change.

Tips for Getting the Exact Hair Colour You Want

Here are some pointers on how to interact with your hairdresser to get the color you want!

Aside from that, you must visit the best hair salon to have a positive hair coloring experience.

1. Choose A Colour That Complements Your Hair

Everyone’s perception of color is different. Just because you and your best friend use the same color doesn’t imply your hair will turn out the same.

Color develops differently on each individual, so take into account the condition of your hair, the color you started with, and how much processing you’ve done.

2. Take Care of Your Hair

Make sure your hair is in good condition. It could be part of why your color seems messed up if it’s in horrible shape. Your colorist will be more thrilled to produce something lovely if your hair is healthy.

If your hair isn’t in good shape, you’ll have a harder time convincing a new colorist to go ahead with the color appointment. Keep your masks up to date, shampoo only twice a week, and avoid using heat stylers as much as possible.

3. Create A Photo Collection For Inspiration

There are so many resources for finding the ideal hue on Pinterest and other media. Choose ones you adore and understand why you love them. Choose your images with care. 

Consider the following:

• Is my hair the same length as theirs?

• Do I have the same thickness as them?

• Does my texture like theirs?

• Do I have the same skin tone as them?

• Do we have similar characteristics?

• Do I wear my hair up or down? Because in a photograph, all colors will look better groomed.

When it comes to showing images for reference, make sure that 

  •  It isn’t a black and white photo
  • Get clear vibrant photos
  • Bring pictures of the color you don’t like just to be sure

4. Be Honest With Yourself

Inquire about what you enjoy and what you aspire to be. First, state if you’re a blonde, brunette, or redhead, and then provide a brief history of previous hair upkeep. Then, when it comes to your ambitions and what you can handle in the future, be realistic.

The color of someone’s hair is determined by their skin tone, eye color, texture, and lifestyle. Try to dress the way you do when you’re feeling the most stylish and sexy.

Prepare to represent yourself so that we may assess your style and provide you with something that reflects it.

5. Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment is the first step of getting a hair color.

Your appointment should be planned on a different day than your color session, and your color appointment should be scheduled with your hairdresser during your meeting.

This guarantees that you are scheduled for the appropriate services and the proper period! You risk not getting the service you desire if you book the wrong service.

Note: Don’t put your faith in your front-desk conversation 100 percent of the time! WE LOVE AND APPRECIATE FRONT DESK EMPLOYEES, BUT THEY DO NOT DO HAIR. 

How to Maintain Your Hair Color?

Hair colors fade over time, even if they are permanent, and new growth requires retouching after a few weeks.

The amount of upkeep required for a hair color is determined by your natural hue, the new shade’s brightness and vibrancy, and how much lighter or darker it is.

Because fading and regrowth will be more obvious than with a subtler shade option, a more severe contrast between your natural hair color and selected shade will require more maintenance.

Some hues, like blonde, require special attention in the form of toning to avoid the appearance of undesirable yellow tones.

If you don’t like the notion of frequent retouching and toning, choose a new hair color shade that is closer to your natural hue. This will save you time and work in keeping it looking perfect.

Final Words

If you are getting your hair colored for the first time, considering these 5 tips is very important.

Book an appointment with the best hair salon to ensure all the pros or cons of the hair color you choose.

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