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15 Trendy Hairstyles For Women That You Must

January 24, 2022
Trendy Hairstyles

It’s your sister’s wedding and you’re the maid of honor. You have the perfect dress and perfect shoes with perfect accessories. Today is the bachelorette party, but wait! What about your hair? The above sentence is just among many situations where girls often get confused as they don’t have any particular idea popping up right at that moment about hairstyles.

A hairstyle is the first thing a girl thinks about before getting decked up for good. It matters more than just done nails and hot makeup. The reason behind having long hair is trying new hairstyles.

Short hair on the other hand can also be styled in several ways. Stay tuned to know more.

In this article, we will be showing you 15 hairstyles that you can rock!

Tight Curls

Tight curls give your hair a bouncy look that you must have to look pretty and messy at the same time. To add more vibrancy go blonde!

Also, get a haircut that gives your curls some extra layers and stop at shoulder length as it will boost the shape up. You can also go for types of perms.

Diva Hair

You feel like a diva when the hairstyle itself is one. Brushing it properly before setting is suggested.

Go for hair dye, get your hair colored blonde or light brown because it is going to look stunning as your locks will get gingered up. 

Party Bob

You are a brunette, right? Then don’t think twice before getting a tousled mane that makes you look irresistible to your ex. 

Get that bob done till the length of the jaw, include some fringes and then get that undone and gentle finish. I think he is coming your way!

Mermaid Waves

For this haircut, your hair has to belong, maybe till hip. Use the hair oil to boost growth.

A balayage will suit you the most, to spice it up mix shadow root, baby lights, and highlights to let the color melt.

Updo With Braided Chains

Get your red dress, and go for this hairstyle. It is a simple one, which can be done within half an hour easily. 

It’s better if you have more than medium-length hair. Comb your hair, then take the front part of the hair strands and start braiding. When done, secure it at the back of the ear with bobby pins.

If it’s a prom you are going to wear a minimal crown on your head. You are already the prom queen!


 Braids are not cliche, there are several ways of getting braids. Fishtail is one of the best braids that you can just match with almost everything. 

For a side fishtail, you must have long dark tresses. It saves you a lot of time. If he is standing outside your house and waiting, quickly get that hairstyle and surprise him with this elegant look of yours.

Blowout Hair

No need to go to the parlor and complain about not having voluminous hair. You some then get some yourself.

Get your blower and comb, now start blowing the hair as well as comb it to keep it safe from getting tangled. Thye caramel balayage with this kind of hairstyle, oh god! Splendid. 

The Bun

This hairstyle is a savior and probably the common and often used one too. High buns do not need a particular hair color to look good and confident. 

Buns can be decorated with hair accessories, keep your locks loose and the rest of the hair into a bun. Maybe pair it up with a beautiful gown. Check teen panties.

Side Braid

As I mentioned, braids are cool if you know them all. Such a braid is this one, it will look so cute on your short hair. 

Color your hair blonde. Start parting your hair in the middle, then choose any side of your head and pull out a section of hair enough for doing a braid. Keep it to one side. 

Braided Undercut 

Okay so you have the undercut, it’s my favorite cut. But I’m not quite sure how to style it. Let me tell you, it’s very easy.

Highlight your hair, not the cut part. And start doing braids, I mean reverse french braids. This look goes with any attire. Check out ark hairstyles.

The Beehive

You are not unfamiliar with this style, as this one was very much in trend in the times of our grandmothers. So now we do it the same way with a bit of modification.

Any hair color can go with this hairstyle, and the beauty of it is you keep the lower section of the hair free, and the upper section of the hair in almost a puff. 

Classy Dressy

A classy and dressy hairstyle is an elegant one that you can pull off at a ball party or maybe an office party. It shows that you are trying to be polite and respectful.

The color of the hair doesn’t matter at all, because this hairstyle can go with any shade. It is also an easy style to pick up for girls with long hair. 

Messy Waves 

Messy waves are in trend and the only reason behind this is it helps in removing the years of the wearer’s face. The hairstyle brings a change in the face. This messy look goes with natural hair color.

All you have to do is sleep with your hair open and start your day without combing it. I am kidding that’s the exact process of messy hair to people, but little do they know that it needs a setting spray and half an hour or reverse combing. 

Slicked Back Glam

Remember Kim Kardashian with her back brushed? How sexy and bold she looked. 

That body-tight silver dress too turned everybody’s head at the MetGala. This hairstyle brings boldness in you, the confidence cannot be compared.

Brush your hair backward properly, make sure you don’t tangle them. It is a bit hard to start back brushing so, start by parting your hair. After all the tangles are undone try brushing it back, once it’s all done apply gel and set it with setting spray.

Middle Part

Anything you wear, remember the middle parting hair never goes wrong. It is the common hairstyle that every girl now and then prefers to wear.

It goes with all kinds and hues of hair. In doubt about what to do with your hair, let it down girl!

Untangling your hair is the first step, then do the middle parting, comb it one more time then set it all down with a hair set spray. Oh, don’t forget to apply a bit of a foundation among the best foundations

Final Thoughts

Hairstyles are necessary to look presentable, with a bad hairstyle your entire attire can go wrong. Before dressing up a person the hairstyles need to be sorted out first. 

In this article, we have more than hairstyles ideas that you can try anytime you want. Even if you are just home and bored. It will help you practice and master that style.

If you wish to become a hairstylist you must have enjoyed reading this article. Leave a comment below in the comment section if you have finally found out that one hairstyle that looks good on you. 

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