48 Hours in Dubai: The Ultimate Guide

August 18, 2021

The world has regarded Dubai as the jewel in the crown of the Arab World and global tourism. Dubai is an unmarkable place. Its indulgent, glamorous and progressive way of living makes it a lavish place to live. From having the world’s tallest building to glamorous locations in blue waves, Dubai is a luxury travel destination. A perfect place to plan weekend tours. Spending 48 hours in Dubai it is so difficult to taste all the aspects of this splendid city. However, by proper planning, you can have a lavish experience of its top worth seeing locations to make your tour unforgettable.

You can make your trip mesmerizing in just 48 hours. Because no other place on Earth offers such marvelous and splendid places to visit in a short time. You may roam about the streets to explore the dazzling architecture of buildings. Another option hire a yacht from a yacht rental company and explore incredible places among blue oceans. From amazing architectural buildings to marvelous fresh scenes of water, Dubai never disappoints you. And always welcomes you to come and jump in its appealing beauty.

On your 2 day trip, you can touch the best sightseeing places in Dubai.

To highlight the old and the brand new, the captivating, and the flashy, we have come up with an itinerary to see the sizzling beauty of Dubai in two days. So get geared up to the shop, consume, and experience luxury and thrilling tours all with diving into the city’s captivating records.

Enjoy a Delightful Morning 

With a 48 hour tour, you’ll have two mornings. So try to spend 1 morning at Old Dubai and the other at Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). You’ll get totally different experiences in both places. JBR is all about the modern side of Dubai with resorts, water activities, and other thrilling experiences. While Old Dubai is all about the cultural side of Dubai. 

For both places, try to head early in the morning because you have to manage the whole day and these places themselves are full of thrilling and exciting things to do that you must cover on your 1st visit. 

-Start with the Sight of Sparkling Gold

You may start your day by having a walk in the streets of Dubai’s gold market with the sight of sparkling gold. You’ll find original ornaments and gemstones of your choice. 

-Move on to Traditional Architecture

Your next place should be Dubai Creek to have a glimpse of impressive architectural locations which will be a reminiscence of the past. 

At Dubai Creek, you’ll find amazing things and thrilling activities to do. 

From here, you may head towards Bur Dubai that is all about amazing museums and food stalls. So you can have a tasty and delicious breakfast.

Next day, you may start your morning with a compelling walk on sandy beaches and choose a buffet or hotel to have a delicious breakfast. 

Try to be free from your breakfast and the aesthetically pleasing locations at almost 10 am and then head yourself towards the next destination.

You’ll find your imaginary beach here. And don’t try to stop yourself, just get into the water and enjoy playing with waves.

With these amazing beaches, the parks should also be on your top visiting list. You may choose to visit the world’s largest inflatable park, Dubai Aqua Park. 

-Explore Waterways

Hire a yacht or a boat from a trusted yacht rental company and let yourself get lost in dazzling and mind-blowing scenarios of Dubai’s enchanting water. Explore these waterways with incredible spots. You’ll scream like a baby and will get your hair raised by seeing the glamorous places in deep blue seas. 

With a fresh breeze blowing onto your face, you’ll be amazed to see the tallest buildings that will come across your water exploring journey because the boat will whips you around the coast of Dubai. 

You’ll be pleased and hypnotized by seeing the marvelous architecture of the city. 

You can also plan to have a romantic dinner with your partner at the Dhow cruiseYou’ll be delighted to spend a beautiful time with amazing taste and beautiful scenery of the city of Dubai on a well-organized and decorated board.

-Head towards iconic Burj Al Khalifa

After an amazing yacht tour, head yourself towards the iconic Burj Al Khalifa. The world’s tallest building with 163 floors. You’ll be surprised to see the delightful view of Duba. Some parts of Abu Dhabi from such an amazing height.

Also, don’t forget to taste the cuisines of different restaurants on various floors of this giant Burj. You’ll love the lake of Burj al-Khalifa and the dancing fountains will surely mesmerize you.

Have Some Enchanting Experiences in the Afternoon

On the day of visiting Old Dubai, spend some time at Bur Dubai and then head towards Shindagha, a tunnel in Dubai. Here you’ll experience the historical area___ a scenic riverfront, shopping and some sights of Sheikh Saed al Maktoum House. 

From here, have a route towards Bayt Al Wakeel to experience a mind-blowing taste of Iranian cuisine and then pack your back for visiting the Dubai museum. 

On the day you head to JBR Beach, you could select to ski in the desert or skydive at Skydive Dubai. This skydiving experience may be remarkable as you will be flying over Palm Jumeirah. When you are accomplished with that, you may head to Dubai Miracle Garden in Dubailand Area where shades are waiting for you. 

This vacation spot is all approximately flora and beautiful floral sculptures which might be a treat to sore eyes. 

Sizzling Evenings

Dubai is famous for its parties and nightlife. So explore the clubs of Dubai to have a sizzling evening. 

But first, you should visit Dubai’s Downtown area where you’ll choose a delicious dinner with the view of the splendid Burj Al Khalifa and Dubai Fountain or you can choose to skip wandering and could have dinner at a dhow cruise if you manage to save energy and time by the end of the day. Ambrosial food, cruising on calm waters while you get glimpses of the sparkling lights of Old Dubai from Dubai Creek. You would fall in love with Dubai right here. 

You can end your day by going to a nightclub to have some refreshing drinks. Other option to get your room and rest so you may feel fresh the next morning.

But if it’s the 2nd and last day of your tour and you want to cherish every single moment, then get yourself in Dubai Mall. Dubai mall has almost 1000 stores with incredible spots of joy and fun. 

You can empty your pockets here. Because the Dubai mall contains almost all the top brands and you can’t stop yourself from shopping there. 

You can also visit various places like Fashion Avenue, Dubai Dino Display, Ekart Zabeel, etc.

And if you could manage your time then you must visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. 

The word “Dubai ” can’t let you know what type of secrets and endless charms this place has until you explore it.

A 2 days tour is really a short time to cover most of the exciting places. But still wherever you go and no doubt which place you visit, you’ll for sure have an incredible experience.

Despite these mentioned places, there is still much more to explore in Dubai. Its sky touches buildings and deep blue seas. Its grand malls, amazing parks, and other amazing architectural buildings are always there to mesmerize you.

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