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Place Your Homemade Decorative Mirror Correctly

March 30, 2022
Decorative Mirror

Your DIY decorative mirror can find a stylish place anywhere in your home. However, to ensure that the presence of your homemade mirror is properly expressed, you must give your artwork an honorable place.

In the hallway above the chest of drawers, in the bedroom above the dressing table, or in the bathroom, a decorated mirror simply looks great. To prevent a small decorative mirror from disappearing on a wall that is too large, you should combine it with other objects. A painting wall, on which you integrate the decorated mirror, looks great above the sofa in the living room for example.

A small decorative mirror next to the front door is perfect for a quick look at your look before you leave the house. Homemade decorative mirrors can be placed at eye level to decorate an entire wall.

Or you can use your DIY mirror to make the room look bigger. In this case, our interior specialists recommend mounting the mirror in such a way that it reflects the light from a lamp or window. Depending on the time of day or the position of the sun, the light effect creates a breathtaking atmosphere in the house.

Do-it-yourself decorative mirrors are undoubtedly among the home accessories that exude a very special charm. Large or small mirrors can be given a nice place in almost every room in your house. Often they are no longer selected on the basis of their function but act as a purely decorative objects. In the living room as well as in the entrance area, in the bathroom, or in the children’s room, DIY decorative mirrors provide a trendy update to any wall. Ideal as wall decoration.

Small tip: If you have several decorative mirrors, the individual models should not be too large, as the wall can quickly appear too full. Choose different sizes in a similar design instead!

Different Ways Hang Your Mirror

  • Fact 1: Large mirrors with decorations are often very unwieldy and heavy. For this reason, they should only be hung with screws, plugs, or brackets. Before injuring yourself during assembly, it is better to get one or two helping hands.
  • Fact 2: For an optimal look, wall mirrors are usually mounted at eye level. If you want to hang a full-length mirror in which you can view yourself from head to toe, it is advisable to test beforehand how high the model should hang above the floor. After all, you want to be able to look at yourself completely.
  • Fact 3: Hanging your decorated mirror so that it reflects the light coming in through the window will make the whole room seem bigger. In a dark hallway without windows or extra light, a mirror should preferably be hung opposite the front door.
  • Fact 4: Would you rather not drill or screw? The solution: use glue nails or extra strong mirror tape.
  • Fact 5: Another smart alternative to wall mirrors in the bathroom is the practical mirror tiles. These are very light and are usually attached with a strong type of tape. In this way, entire wall surfaces or doors can actually be transformed into wall mirrors with a nostalgic retro flair. And all this without unattractive drill holes!

Types Of Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall – there are so many of you in the country! No, we didn’t make a mistake here! When it comes to mirrors, you can choose from an incredible number of different sizes, models, and types. We have the right mirror for every occasion and style. The three classics are the wall mirror, the standing mirror, and the decorative mirror. At least one of these models will definitely fit in your home.

In the next section, we will tell you about the characteristics of the different types.

Wall Mirror

We know the wall mirror mainly from the bathroom. As a true classic, it should not be missing in any household. It is part of the standard equipment of every interior. An alternative to the simple wall mirror in the bathroom is the mirror cabinet. This one is especially practical in small bathrooms but difficult to decorate. That is why we prefer to use a wall mirror that can be transformed into a real eye-catcher with decoration in the form of, for example, shells.

Floor Mirrors

A floor mirror is especially useful if the cabinet is equipped without a mirror door. As a sumptuously unique piece, a sturdy standing mirror is ideal for use in the hallway, bedroom, or dressing room. With the help of a floor mirror, you can immediately check your chosen outfit for that day. Many floor mirrors already look very stylish in their simplicity. With their modern look, they fit perfectly into any interior. With our decorating tips for your DIY mirror, you can get creative to make your floor mirror unique.

Decorative Mirror

Decorative mirrors are true works of art in their own right because of their appearance. With this type of mirror, the advantage goes beyond the concrete purpose of a simple wall mirror. The decorative mirrors in our online shop at Wooden Street Now adorn your walls and spread a particularly chic atmosphere. Do you want to make a decorative mirror according to your own ideas? Then you only need a simple mirror in the shape of your choice and the utensils for the desired decoration. With wood, you can make a rustic decorative mirror in shabby chic style. Playful ornaments provide a romantic touch.

Simple, elegant, or playful: mirror decoration is an absolute must for every interior lover. Choose the right materials and your new artwork will enhance the look of your interior!

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