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Expert Tips On Hanging Wall Picture System

July 14, 2021
Hanging Wall Picture

Be it a house or an office space, the frames of art or pictures on your walls reflect your personality. It is not about throwing a few random paintings on the wall. Every picture should tell a story. With the techniques and equipment available, you make an informed decision on the type of art hanging system you would want to optimize the use of your walls. So what is a hanging wall picture system, and how to get it right? Read on to find more.

About the Picture Hanging System

A hanging wall picture system is made up of adjustable hooks, hangers, and railings. Depending on where and how you want the art hanged in the room, you can choose from these types. Each type of art hanging system has its own advantages. Once these are installed, you can easily organize your artwork.

– Hooks are best to be used for a gallery shop, offices, and at home where you want hidden fixtures. Hooks can be nearly invisible if attached properly but hold the weight of frames up to 20 kilos. There are a variety of hooks that can be attached nearer to the ceiling to hang tall artworks.

– Railings give a discreet look. Amazingly, you can get ornamental wooden rails that will add a Victorian feel to your walls. You can also get slim metal rails that are perfect for a chic office space. 

– Classic pole, brackets, chain, and hooks arrangement is ideal for giving an elaborate look. These are mainly in castles, stately homes, and art museums. You can opt for an antique look or a shiny brass, depending on the other fixtures you already have.

How to Hang Wall Art and Pictures

Figuring out a way to arrange your pictures can be the same as solving a puzzle. Therefore, it is important to take a bird’s eye view of all the pieces first. Once you understand the basic principles, you can play around with the layouts, aligning them to suit your preferences.

Measuring, Mapping & Hardware – This is an important step when you are planning to put up your picture hanging system. Make sure you get the measurements right. Before you decide on the arrangement and get the hardware, take a tape and measure the space where you want to place the pictures. Then put the pictures on the floor and keep re-arranging till you find the perfect composition. After that, get the hardware necessary to fix these pictures on the wall!

Arranging Mismatched Pieces – If you are in for the bohemian or casual look, mismatched pieces work great. But that doesn’t mean you can scatter paintings haphazardly on the wall. Keep the arrangement graceful while you play with the variety of artwork, colors, and frame sizes.

Creating Symmetry – Harmony soothes the senses. If you are one of those who prefer symmetry, aligning same sized frames in a row is a wonderful way to decorate your walls. Make sure to measure the width as well as the height of the wall and keep the frames centrally placed. 

Does Each Wall Need a Picture Hanging on It?

Deciding what to put on your walls can be a bit tricky, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to hang something on every wall of the room. Art shouldn’t look forced. Here are a few things that you can consider to make a decision:

Pictures on the wall should complement the furniture – Furniture provides a break to empty wall places. The pictures you add should not clash with your furniture. For example, if you already have a tall lamp in the room, you need not force a picture beside it. Ideally, pictures should blend in naturally with the furnishings of the room.

Interesting usage of space between doors and windows – Usually, walls around doors and windows make up for an interesting space for pictures. You can put up artworks between two windows that are set more than 2-feet apart. If you have enough room, the walls above the doors are great for a picture arrangement.  

How to optimize staircases & hallways – We have seen this in many movies, haven’t we? Well, it is a great space to display family photographs and paintings, if used properly. The wall alongside the staircase is a lovely area to use. You could also use the landing wall that is visible from the foot of the stairs. In the case of a hallway, the most important thing to remember is to keep it simple. Many people make the mistake of over cluttering the hallway walls. It is best to keep a few pictures that could act as a point of focus. 

Balancing between the television and artworks in the living room – The TV is normally the highlight of a living room. When you are choosing the artworks to put in this room, take care not to overwhelm the television. Your frames should not be taking the focus away from your TV. Therefore, it is good to select smaller artworks that compliment your entertainment system. If you have a fireplace, the wall above the mantel is a good space for a picture.

Make your kitchen come alive – Art inside your kitchen can transform its look. Few places like an empty wall space around your breakfast nook or the area above your refrigerator are great to hold few frames. Bay windows that have wall space on both sides offer the best opportunity to put up art in your kitchen.  

Break the monotony of your bathroom walls – Bathroom walls need not be dull and dreary. You could hang a frame above the mirror or use the wall over the toilet to display smaller stacked pictures.


Having the perfect picture hanging system is no less than creating a painting itself. It is indeed an art form. Your office or home is an extension of your persona. If you like harmony, symmetry, and balance – your picture arrangement should reflect that. Whereas if you prefer a more casual look, the asymmetrical arrangement with a splash of colors will be a great fit.

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