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Ideal Ways to Protect Hair Color in Summer

May 25, 2021
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Summer means sun and sweat that leads to hair damage, skin tanning, sunburn, dryness, and dullness. Coloring in summer is a very crucial thing as it needs extra pampering and care. Extra outdoor hours in summer can trouble your hair color. Color fading is a common problem of hair color dye due to sun exposure, salt water, and chlorine. 

First of all, make sure to have the best hair color treatments that can possible only with a premium quality salon. Book your slot from an online salon booking app with the hair color salon. And after the treatment, the important factors that you should follow and keep in mind are discussed in this post. We have summed up all the caring and pampering ways to cure hair color in summer.

Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works as sun protection for your hair from harmful rays of the sun. According to researchers, coconut oil has an SPF of at least 6 which’s enough for hair to protect, not enough for the skin. Apply it as a serum after the hair washes in wet hair and let it be. It helps to prevent fading and keeps the hair moisturizing. It’s a win-win situation as it keeps the hair nourished and protects the hair at the same time. While heading out, make sure to apply a little bit of oil.

Rinse With Cold Water

Hot water and lukewarm water are not found to be good and effective for hair color. It can fade out the color and damage your hair, leading to hair fall. So, always make sure to use cold water for hair rinse. Summer brings sweat and dirty hair that you desire to wash frequently but don’t make this mistake. Don’t often wash your hair, opt for dry shampoo and hair wash only 2 times a week. Coldwater keeps the cuticle closed, which reduces sweating and dirty hair, and also cures hair color for a longer time in summer and humid weather.

Get a Cleansing Cream

We all use shampoo for hair wash- it’s common no doubt. But, for colored hair, it might not be suitable. To preserve the hair color, it’s necessary to keep the hair cuticles closed and this prevents the dye from weeping out. Cleansing cream doesn’t open the cuticles as it isn’t harmful and sulfate-induced substances that pull out the color. It’s extremely gentle and moisturizing for hair as well which’s key in summers to keep hair nourished. Yeah, but make sure to choose the right cleansing balm.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

The stylist or colorist gives the long-lasting hair color at the salon that protects each strand of hair. However, rather than this, healthy hair is the right and vital thing to get the hair color vibrant and bright. Conditioning the hair is a part of the hair care routine after coloring, use bond-building products in your conditioner that makes hair color strong and prevent from weeping out. When your hair is strong, it will make the hair color last longer. So, keep your hair healthy and strong with proper conditioner and nourishment.

Stylist Should Use Best Techniques 

If you are going for the first time then this tip is very important. There are lots of hair color techniques and options, understand what is good or not. Also, keep the summer in your mind while coloring in this season. Getting the foil highlights is the better option in summer rather than any other option. Ask your stylist about the best treatment for summer and how it will last long, how to keep it healthy, how to make it more vibrant. Be verbal and ask everything about it as well as do your research before visiting.

Use “Color-Treated” Labelled Conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner are the parts of the hair care routine. Right conditioner and products enhance the life of hair color. When you are buying these, just check out the label and what ingredients used in this, avoid sulfates and parabens. Stay away from clarifying shampoo as the sun and weather are already hot. Color-protecting formulas are free of any chemicals, which are perfect for hair color treatment and make it long-lasting and bright in summer without fading out. 

Get Weekly Treatment

After long outdoor days in summer and excess sweating and pollutants, it’s become vital to keep the hair nourished and moisturized. A deep conditioner is the best remedy to keep your dyed hair stable. Try to treat your hair once a week to avoid breakage, hair fall, and dryness and increase shine and luster. Many nourishing treatments are floating out, so make sure to choose based on your hair type. Visit the salon for an easy and convenient pampering session in a busy and hectic schedule.

Bottom Line

These are the ideal ways to cure your hair dye in the summer season. Whether it’s colored hair or normal hair, hot weather needs extra hydration and nourishment. Keep your hair covered while heading out and let it tied up. 

So, are you excited about hair color treatment? If yes, book your appointment with the best online salon booking app in a jiffy. Online salon appointments are now easy, just put your location and get the slot according to available time. You will see amazing services of each salon and in the category of online hair color. 

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