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Is Botox Bad For You In Long Term?

December 18, 2020

Is Botox Bad For You: As the market for products used in medical and surgical aesthetics grows (5.3 billion euros in 2014). The age of botulinum toxin consumers – the famous botox – is declining. This is revealed by a study of Imcas (International Master Course on Aging Skin).

In the United States, the numbers are significant. In 2014, 546,000 people between the ages of 19 and 34 used botox. An increase of 11.7% since 2012. Same in France, young girls are starting to inject botox, even before the first wrinkles appear, with the hope of preventing the effects of aging and effective weight loss.

 Marie-Hélène Charavel says

“The extremes stand out. Patients who use botox are either getting younger or getting older, “she says. Expected effects after injection of botulinum toxin: muscle paralysis. Homemade Anti Aging Skin Care The skin is more relaxed smoother, and only a few days after the procedure. The effect lasts for six months.

You Looked Good, What Did You Do? 

“It’s so simple,” says Laure, 29. 350 euros for the upper part of the face and ten minutes without anesthesia later, the treatment with Local botox for men is finished.

She started at the age of 25 at her dermatologist’s and does not seem to be able to do without it. “I’m a writer, often see myself in the mirror. Over the years and after a period of stress, I saw my face gradually mark, could not stand it anymore.

I looked on the internet and went to an aesthetic center. The men, who are injecting 50 units each year (count € 8 each), adds: “The weeks following the treatment, everyone compliments me:” You looked good, what did you do?

Kim Kardashian, for example, acknowledges having used botox at age 29.

If the appeal of Botox is conceivable for older men wanting to hide the signs of aging, why does a 25-year-old woman feel the need to hide wrinkles that she does not have? Michael C. Edwards, president of the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery, points out celebrities in an interview published on ”

The obsession of some influential figures for botulinum toxin has increased the number of teen profiles and young men among our clients. Kim Kardashian, for example, readily admits to having used botox at age 29. “And to add: We see more young people doing that. It is no longer rare to be 22, 23 years old and to be botoxed.”

A Preventive Action Questioned

Among young users, the main reason given is prevention. Mégane, a 25-year-old blogger, says: “My worst anxiety is getting old. So I prefer to prevent than to heal. Some injections on the forehead and I feel much better. With botox, we frown less, so I deduced that I will be less wrinkled than the others at 50 years.

However, for Julien Luini, a qualified surgeon in reconstructive surgery and aesthetics, this idea is far from being verified: “No study has yet shown that the use of botox from a young age repelled the effects of old age.

During their training, doctors do not have specific recommendations regarding the acceptable age for first aid. But for Julien Luini, it’s all about ethics: “It’s a matter of ethics. If a very young client comes into my office with a face without any wrinkles, I do not agree to inject him with botulinum toxin.”

Botox Side Effect

Botox side effects include pain, infection, inflammation, swelling, redness, and bleeding at the injection site. Some of these symptoms indicate an allergic reaction. Other symptoms of allergy include itching, wheezing, asthma, itching, redness, dizziness, and fainting. Contact your doctor if you have trouble breathing or dizziness.

In addition, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, and neck pain can be symptoms. You may also be aware of other side effects, such as numbness, droopy eyelids, muscle spasms, and substance transfer.

Anesthesia is not really a problem with Botox, as Botox does not cause anesthesia. Apathy is a problem for some people as a result of being unable to move muscles.

It is possible that Botox will spread slightly from the desired injection site and affect the surrounding tissues. For example, if you inject in the forehead near your eyebrows or near your upper eyelids, they may be affected and move temporarily.

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