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6 Attention-worthy Reasons To Wear Gemstone Jewellery

March 31, 2022
Gemstone Jewellery

With the growing demand for elegance embedded into tradition, gemstone jewellery has still maintained its importance in women’s fashion. Indian gemstone jewellery has been a prized possession with a robust presence in the rich history of Indian culture. 

From uplifting your wedding dresses to offering healing and other natural benefits, gemstones carry a variety of perks. So, this wedding season, rejuvenate your shopping for accessories with this elegant jewellery to make a statement. To help clear your inhibitions, here are some of the reasons why gemstone jewellery is a must-have.  

Jazzes Up and Complements Every Outfit:

Whether you are aiming for a simple or heavy getup, pairing it with gemstone jewellery will make all the difference. From formals to party wear to wedding lehengas, your choice of stones will help your outfit get the desired attention. Moreover, with the versatility of gemstone jewellery you can take your pick to get them fixed into any choice of jewellery. Keep in mind to color coordinate them based on your outfit for that extra appeal.  

Comes in Delicately Bold Designs:

Embedding your favorite piece of jewellery with Indian gemstones makes them unique yet stylish. The stones showcase their delicate origin with pride and yet you can alter the final designs to make the product bold, as per your clothing and final look. Gemstone jewellery will guide your planned outfit to achieve a stylish look effortlessly. I am sure once you take a peek at what our age-old rubies, emeralds, etc., can do, there will be no turning back! 

Reflects Light To Shine Bright:

Much of a gemstone’s perceived beauty lies in its ability to reflect and refract light. The sparkle of gemstone jewellery comes from the stones’ ability to shine differently during different times of the day. Apart from their original characteristics, much of the traditional artistic skills also go into helping your choice of gemstone shimmer for your special occasions. Are you ready to shine brighter?

Sustainable Fashion Accessory:

Indian gemstone jewellery has surpassed the test of time. They have been a non-negotiable part of women’s fashion because of their sustainability. The stones can dazzle up any outfit so that you don’t have to invest in a rack full of expensive jewellery. With only one or two of your favorite gemstones embedded into a choice of jewellery, you are all set to match them with any outfit. Additionally, caring for your gemstone jewellery is effortless. These mineral-based stones resist scratches with frequent wear so that generations after can also wear them for years to come.

Highlights Elegance:

Much of the vintage Indian jewellery was made of gemstones and is still being opted for by today’s modern brides. Having been a proud witness to a 5,000 years legacy, Indian jewellery is a striking expression of its cultural history. Did you know that India has been the sole global supplier of gemstones? If you look at their historical journey, artisans perfected the Kundan method of setting stones in pure gold in our land during the Mughal era. Such a rich traditional history is one aspect that has made these stones perfect for the art of elegance.  

Possesses Natural Benefits:

The healing power of stones and other natural minerals from the depths of the earth has historically been an integral part of our culture. Popularly known as alternative medicine, crystals and stones possess healing and nurturing vibrations. Aquamarine is a symbol of youth, hope, health, and fidelity to Sapphire attracting prosperity and happiness, etc. Imagine investing in all this while slaying your outfits! But perfecting the art of picking authentic gemstones that serve your purpose requires patience and knowledge. Make sure you do your research and read more about all your choices. 

I am fairly certain that these reasons have nudged you closer to setting out and picking the best gemstone jewellery for your next occasion. These versatile stones will help you feel closer to our planet with a sense of belonging to a legacy passed down through generations. So, give them a chance to adorn your jewellery collection while you enjoy all the attention! 

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